Indulge your inner cannasseur with Kat’s Naturals limited edition premium line, “Kat’s Craft Collection”.  Kat’s Craft Collection truly captures the “plant in a bottle” with an all-new solventless extraction process that preserves the hemp plant’s natural “molecular fingerprint”.

Creating this premium hemp oil organically and without heat or solvents opens up an incredible world of experience. You can taste, smell, and feel the full expression of the hemp plant in this formulation. Made with the same warmth, love, and attention to detail apparent in all of Kat’s Naturals creations. 

Each hand crafted bottle of Kat’s Craft Collection celebrates organically grown Tennessee Hemp, music and art, is extracted from a single Hemp strain, Tennessee-1 and features artwork by the renowned Tennessee artist, Justin Helton of Status Serigraph. 

Indulge Your Inner Cannasseur


Kat took her time with this one, making sure the original hemp plant’s essence was radically preserved. Through the selection of prime genetics, a single hemp strain (Tennessee-1) the SOLAR (Single Origin Live Active Rosin) extraction process, and the formulation and testing phases, Kat’s care and attention insured success at every level.

With a full COA and lab panel available, you can be sure that your purchase of Kat’s Craft Collection is not only supporting your own health and wellness journey, it’s a vote of confidence for a new level of transparency and traceability.

Capture your “plant in a bottle” and ensure your limited edition purchase today!

$188 for a 4oz, four month supply of premium, single strain origin Hemp Oil in a hand creafted collectible bottle! Earch 4oz bottle contains 2000mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and is designed to last approximately four months.

About The Artist

Each limited edition, collectible bottle features beautiful artwork by renowned Tennessee artist Justin Helton of Status Serigraph. With over 13 years of experience, Status Serigraph has crafted designs for some of the biggest names in music. Clients like the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band and others all have counted on Justin Helton’s design approach to create graphics for Merch and musical releases. But Helton’s design work doesn’t stop there… he has created branding and illustrations for such brands as A&E Television, Nascar, Puma, and Sugarlands Distilling.

Check out Justin’s work here!  www.statusserigraph.com


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